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Monday, 3 November 2014

Why remaining silent on the fight for other people's wages could be bad for your health - The AIM Network

Why remaining silent on the fight for other people's wages could be bad for your health - The AIM Network

Why remaining silent on the fight for other people’s wages could be bad for your health

Originally published on Polyfeministix

Australians will shy away from talking about, discussing and signing
petitions that fight for the rights of wages and benefits for our fellow

the Howard era of Work Choices, and individual agreements, and his war
on collectivism, we have seen a dramatic decline in union density and
the Abbott Government has done its best to stigmatize and de-legitimize
the hard work that Unions do in Australia.

brings about the problem of people from all walks of life, not wanting
to get involved in protests and social awareness campaigns about ‘other
people’s wages and benefits.’  Many people also do not want to get
involved or sign up to a union, which is simply a collective body of
workers joining together to fight for wages and conditions.

the right-winged thinkers, Australian Liberals and Libertarians will do
their best to shame you and ridicule you for fighting for wages and
conditions. They will call you a dirty filthy Marxist, a Communist and a
radical socialist.  They will also tell you it is “unAustralian” and it
is unions who have ruined the country. However, people who are not in
this group and who have fought for the wages and conditions and stood in
solidarity, know that it is far more than that.  They know that what we
value in Australian working life was fought for by the workers.

we have now is the Liberals now trying to reap the rewards of their
hard earned messages to decimate unions and collective action. In
Queensland there is a situation, that is absolutely dire.
 Every single business owner and manager in the public sector should be
fighting for the best talent.  The best talent is what makes
organisations great. In one area this is absolutely critical is in our
Health Sector.

Conservative arms of Government have spent years and years stigmatizing
unions and collectivist fights for better wages and conditions, so they
could pull stunts like they are now.

greedy stunts that might save a few short term dollars, but have very
long term health implications for the every day Australian.  For your
mum, grandma, granddad, children, babies and loved ones.

Campbell Newman Queensland Government want to introduce a two tiered
wages system, which will see a lower level of wages for entry level
health professionals.   What this is aimed to do, is to drive the talent
towards the Private Sector, where the QLD Government wants to outsource
so many areas of public health.

The Campbell Newman’s next agenda (and no doubt Abbott’s) will be to:

Privatise Health, based on the argument that the Public Sector is unsustainable and cannot attract the right talent.

maintain and attract the best talent in our public sector system, it is
essential that all Australian’s stand up to their state Governments and
to the Abbott Governments “pressure to sell public assets” to the
States and their agenda on privatisation.

ensure the best in health care is given to all Australians, do NOT let
the QLD Government set this precedent, or your state will be next.

sign and share this petition, or we will end up with a poorer,
ineffective health system.  Don’t let the Government use the argument
that they cannot attract talent to privatise our health system.

Petition: Stop Building A Two Tier Health System

Stand up and be counted! As Gough would say “It’s Time”

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